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B. D. Stellmacher, Jr.


Benford Dwight Stellmacher, Jr. is a multi-faceted creative who began in his early years drawing graffiti, cartoons, and sketching still figures around the house on any piece of paper he could find. For over 10 years, Benford’s creative tool of choice has been a mouse which he has used to create unique identity solutions through his graphic design business, Authentic DNA Studio, LLC. He is creative, inspiring, multi-talented, influential, a brilliant artistic mind of substance and innovation, and the embodiment of Kuumba- “doing always as much as he can, in the way he can, in order to leave his community more beautiful and beneficial than he inherited it.”


In December of 2018, Benford picked up paint brushes and began expressing his creativity in a brand-new medium. Primarily using acrylics, his confidence and conviction in his artwork grew consistently throughout the years, culminating in the establishment of his namesake art company, B.D. Stellmacher, Jr., LLC in 2020. His artwork, which spans themes of social justice, music, faith, education, and the Black experience in America, has been received with fervor and praised for its messaging, composition, quality, and uniqueness.

Benford refers to each of his artistic creations as “conversations”, strategically intending for each piece to act “as an independent catalyst to an internal dialogue with the viewer.” Nearly every day, he is debuting a new “conversation” through canvas that aims to inspire, influence, and impact his audience. As a proud man of faith, Ben views his canvases as a pulpit, through which the spirit of God has a voice to speak to the hearts of mankind as they behold the textures, patterns, colors and holistic composition of each piece.

Artist Statement


My body of work is primarily based on a conceptual narrative. As a kingdom creative, I believe that my spiritual obligation is to make manifest the glory of God by expressing his Heart through a variety of mediums. I was trained in my architectural background that “Form follows function”. This is where the concept of “Conversations” was born. My graphic design background enables me to focus on designing the compositional layouts of each piece. More than anything, I love being able to speak to the meaning and message behind the concept. The “Conversations” are intended to create an internal dialogue sparked by emotion or cause a meaningful external interaction between viewers. In full transparency, I am freeing myself from the expectation of perfection in the execution but more focused on the delivery of the concept. That is what means the most to me. These “Conversations” are usually inspired by ethnic and tribal photography, music, and sometimes simple words that formulate images in my mind.

My mission is to INSPIRE the next generation to believe that they have a gift that has the potential to make a difference in the world. I want to INFLUENCE them to pursue that gift on purpose without hesitation or being influenced by doubt or unbelief. Lastly, I want the next generation to be fully persuaded that the greatness on the inside of them has the power to IMPACT and transform society in ways they could never imagine.


Maia Laing
Owner/Artist Manager

The Zak Art House (ZAK) is a dynamic marketplace focused on elevating emerging artists. Our collection focuses on artists whose work depicts various aspects of life in an urban environment through a multitude of genres. The artwork is inspired by the culture of these communities and addresses the many issues at the forefront of society. Zak aims to engage at the intersection of art and community to stir consciousness – whether you are a seasoned collector, art appreciator, or merely have an interest in art.

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